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On The Couch...with Ethan Muscat

Welcome to 'On The Couch' - where we get to take a deep dive, (or shallow paddle) into the creative minds and lives of those working at id. We will be continuing this regular series with Ethan Muscat - Junior Digital Designer.

Ethan! Tell us about yourself in no more than 10 words. I am a creative, (unintentionally) hilarious, beer-loving, queer.

Okay great - so Junior Digital Designer eh? How did one end up there? So I’ve been pretty creative all my life, I used photoshop for the first time at 8(!) years old - mainly just as a creative outlet and escape from reality. After I finished college, with a couple years out of education, I was feeling unhappy with the mundane work life and realised that I could be doing a job I love full time if I put the work into it. So I started working in a small design studio and applied for (and got accepted) onto a degree at University of the Arts London, which completely changed my life coming from a small sheltered city on the south coast and becoming independent in one of the most busy fast-paced city in the world! After 4 years at University (including a placement year), I found myself looking for jobs in the industry and stumbled across Freuds id, and here I am! First job out of University, and I’m pretty proud of my journey into getting here.

Interesting! What does an ‘average’ day look like for you? Start the working day with a Pret coffee (you don’t want to see a caffeine deprived Ethan, I’m warning you now), checking my emails and catching up with the team and my manager Dan, who will brief on any projects I need to be working on throughout the day. Evenings are a time for me to relax and reset, ready for the next day.

What is your biggest design career moment so far?

Fortunately, working for id I have been able to become a part of a wide range of interesting and engaging projects, one of the projects I’ve enjoyed working on the most would be creating the assets for B&Q for their Christmas Giveaway competition, creating animated decorations for their “Decorating A Tree” campaign - it was great to see so many people getting involved on social media and seeing the assets used in creative ways.

What makes Ethan, Ethan?

Going into every situation with an open mind and not judging anything or anybody based on surface value. It’s incredibly important to sympathise with those around you as you never know what anybody has got going on in their own life.

And finally, If you could see a measuring scale above people’s heads, what would you want this scale to measure?

I would love to see a scale of tolerance to the LGBTQ+ community, as an out and proud gay man myself, it’d be great to see which people to avoid or even those I could try to educate and encourage to have a little more compassion for those not like them.

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