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On The Couch...with Kevin Sparrow

Welcome to 'On The Couch' - where we get to take a deep dive, (or shallow paddle) into the creative minds and lives of those working at id. We will be continuing this regular series with Kevin Sparrow - Senior Designer.

Kev! Tell us about yourself in no more than 10 words. Designer. Bike Rider. Comic Reader. Gamer. Nerd. Cinephile.

Okay great - so Senior Designer eh? How did one end up there? After a gruelling decade-long journey of making logos bigger, shoe-horning too much copy into too little space, and enough criticism to give me skin thicker than a rhino.

Interesting! What does an ‘average’ day look like for you? Exercise (cycling or walking), shower, breakfast and then coffee (all needed to wake up), meet with the team, find out what everyone’s working on, design some things - it’s a real plethora at the moment! Could be a logo/brand, could be a website… Later in the day I might meet with one of our clients to discuss a new brief or project updates from a design perspective. After work it’s usually either DIY, video games or 1 of 62 streaming services.

What is your biggest design career moment so far?

There are a handful; I’ve designed an app for Real Madrid Football Club, had a logo appear behind Prince Charles at The World Economic Forum, had LeBron James post a box I designed on Instagram, and completely overhauled Barclaycard’s customer emails… Just a few that I’m pretty proud of.

What makes Kev, Kev?

Probably the 10 words in question 1, but most importantly an eagerness to turn my hand to most tasks. Outside of design I enjoy working with my hands, which can range from fixing old cars - a 1981 Volkswagen Golf (that I regrettably sold), carpentry - made a dining table out of reclaimed wood recently and of course redecorating/renovating our new home in time for the arrival of our daughter in November.

And finally, If you could see a measuring scale above people’s heads, what would you want this scale to measure?

A bull-o-meter?

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