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On The Couch...with Sophia Calothis

Welcome to 'On The Couch' - where we get to take a deep dive, (or shallow paddle) into the creative minds and lives of those working at id. We will be continuing this regular series with Sophia Calothis - Junior Designer.

Sophia! Tell us about yourself in no more than 5 words. East London designer & lover of craft beer!

Okay great - so Junior Designer eh? How did one end up there? I can’t imagine doing anything else, design and visual communication is what makes the world interesting! I’ve been creative in one way or another since I can remember and from there it was an obvious path through foundation, uni, my previous design role and now here at freuds. I’m glad I found my way here, being thrown daily challenging and exciting projects!

Interesting! What does an ‘average’ day look like for you? I have the unique role of working across two teams within the Brewery: id and Bazaar - so my average day can vary a fair bit! When I’m working with Bazaar it’s a lot of product and merchandise design (think influencer gifting), which includes bringing the clients ideas to life and creating realistic prototypes. However when I’m working with id, I tend to get involved with branding projects, the odd socials and lending a hand wherever it’s needed. It’s great to be involved in a mixture of design areas and flex all my creative muscles on an array of briefs!

What is your biggest design career moment so far?

Tough question! From designing influencer gifting packaging for Nike and KFC to Martha Freud’s branding, every project has made me proud. I’d probably go with the Evian Agua activation event because I had the opportunity to re-design Evian’s logo to spell ‘Agua’ in response to Ronaldo’s viral comment - a truly funny and relevant project! T-shirts and buckets hats with said new logo were given out by Ronaldo look-a-likes in a branded Range Rover.

What makes Sophia, Sophia?

Curiosity, drive and not taking myself too seriously. If I’m not working away then you can find me down the pub!

And finally, If you could see a measuring scale above people’s heads, what would you want this scale to measure?

I’d want it to measure whatever each person thinks is most important in life; that would be the truest insight into who they are. (I think there would be a lot of opposing ‘money scales’ and ‘happiness scales’.)

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